Affordable Service

Excellent service that doesn’t break the bank.

Fast Delivery

Send loads cross country in less than a week.

Local Business

Gold Bear Trucking, Inc. is a 100% American owned and operated business.

Human Support

Get in contact with an actual human instead of waiting for robots.

Who are we?

We are a local Californian trucking company based in Northridge, CA, a small suburb of Los Angeles. Gold Bear Trucking is authorized to deliver loads all across the United States. We currently own 1 truck along with 1 reefer, and we are looking to expand.


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To get a quote, please email us, and have the words “quote” in your subject. Please include:

1. Contact information

2. Type of load

3. Starting and ending location

4. Expected date of transport

We will respond to you shortly.

Thank you!